The Virginia-Nebraska Alliance


The Alliance of Virginia & Nebraska


Louis W. Sullivan, M.D.
President and Chairman of the Alliance


Dr. Benjamin J. Lambert
Vice Chairman


Mr. Terone B. Green
Executive Director

Virginia-Nebraska Alliance


The Virginia-Nebraska Alliance (The Alliance) is a unique partnership between higher education partners to address the national need to diversify the healthcare and research workforce. The Alliance was formed in September 2004 between the five Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HBCUs) within Virginia: J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, the University of Nebraska Medical Center(UNMC) and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). In 2006 The Alliance welcomed the University of Richmond (UofR), the University of Virginia (UVA), and Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) as academic partners. Virginia technical University joined in 2007.
This model partnership between academic health science centers and HBCUs can be replicated across the nation to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the health professions.


Statement of Affiliation

Whereas, the nation continues to experience increasing diversity but also profound disparities in access to quality health care and ultimately health outcomes largely based on racial/ethnic status, economic and social circumstances, and the lack of racial diversity within the health care policy, administration, and practitioner communities and;

Whereas, Historically Black Colleges and Universities provide a nurturing educational environment of excellence for African-Americans and other under represented minority students in the face of steadily shrinking infrascructure, technical, and professional resources and;

Whereas, health science education centers offer a complex array of world-class professional and technical resources while seeking to diversify their student bodies and faculty as a means of enriching their campus environments, their neighboring communities, and ultimately to address the pervasive issues which contribute to disparities in health care throughout the nation;

Whereas, academic health science centers are resources for education, and research for their states and nation. As such will collaborate on innovative educational and research programs to address the needs of their respective states;

Whereas, academic health science centers such as the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Virginia Commonwealth University are respected as leaders in identifying and responding to emerging national healthcare issues (bioterrorism, health disparities, HIV/AIDs, etc.) and are committed to establishing collaborations with each other and with the HBCU to address these national concerns;

Be it therefore resolved that: the Charter Members of the Virginia-Nebraska Alliance shall establish a representative Steering Committee for the exploration, design, and implementation of academic initiatives which will reflect the needs and resources of each individual Charter Member as that member seeks to preserve and expand its unique historical mission. A key element of the Alliance will be the establishment of collaborative activities with the goal of raising the necessary funds in support of these academic initiatives.